Sometimes VFX is Painful

By August 30, 2016 Clairvoyance

Slow progress is better than no progress.

Working on this project has given me a new found respect for VFX artists. Not that I ever took for granted the tedious amount of work good VFX takes, but having to learn a good deal of new techniques to pull off seemingly simple VFX shots has just enhanced my awareness of the process.

In a perfect world I would have a team of VFX artists working on various aspects of the overall project, but since this is an out of pocket budget I can only afford a fraction of the most critical aspects I absolutely can not do myself …moreso on the 3d modeling side. Every thousand dollars I withdraw feels like a fistful of skin being ripped from chest.

Over the course of a year I’ve learned the hotter talent typically has a VERY SHORT WINDOW of time to work with you in the event you can afford their day rates. At this point I’ve lost count how many 3d modelers, texture artists and animators I’ve gone back and forth with on everything from storyboards to rates to anything else in between. I’ve got years experience of dealing with various personalities when it comes to hiring, contracting and negotiating but this has definitely been a unique experience. In a good, bad and exhausting way all combined. For instance, when you reach out to an animator who has done work on Avatar, King Kong and Guardians of the Galaxy and he tells you he likes your concept/project and is willing to work with you on budget — only for him to get a call from Pixar or another VFX house the next weekend have to cancel due to conflicting schedules…well, it’s like almost having a winning lottery ticket and losing by a single digit.

Anyway, just needed a break from four hours of compositing tonight and needed to update this blog with some content 🙂

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