What is Clairvoyance?

By July 24, 2016 Clairvoyance

You may be wondering why I used an image of a man with a reptilian type of eye for this blog…well, that is part of the sci-fi film I am currently producing called Clairvoyance which should be releasing soon. This post is to give further insight as to what clairvoyance actually is and to discuss some different forms.

By definition clairvoyance is the alleged power of perceiving things beyond the natural range of senses. In other words, this could mean anything from “you see dead people” to “you see events that took place in the past or that will take place in the future”.

There are several different kinds of sensory perceptions that the word clairvoyance is used in conjunction with. Take a look:


(feeling/touching) – this is a form of extra sensory abilities where a person is able to gain information by touching an object or person. This could mean having the ability to feel the past, present or future physical and emotional conditions of others.

John was able to use his clairsentience abilities by touching the alleged rape victim in order to determine if she was being honest with the police.


(hearing/listening) – this is a form of extra sensory ability to hear things in a paranormal manner. The person may hear voices or sounds that the typical person may not be aware of. Imagine hearing voices no one else could hear.

Shannon kept hearing the sounds of a young child crying while she visited her boyfriend’s new house. It was later revealed that the previous owners were arrested for child abuse in which they accidentally killed their baby.


(smelling) – the is the extra sensory ability to smell things beyond the perception of the average person. Gaining some type of psychic knowledge through the form of smell is not unheard of.


(knowing) – have you ever felt like you’ve been somewhere before and are more familiar with a specific person, place or thing you’ve never come in contact with? This would be an example of claircognizance. Having the psychic ability of knowing something without prior knowledge or without having a physical explanation as to why you know it.


(tasting) – is to have the extra sensory ability to be able to taste things without putting that object or substance into your mouth physically.


(communicate) – is to have the psychic ability to speak very fluently in metaphors and creatively in conjoining context.

Recommended Reading

When we were kids, friends and I used to pretend we were psychic. Basically we were lying to each other, but I think we actually wanted to believe we had at least SOME type of special ability that’d set us apart from the rest of the world. It was pretty cool at the time to mess around with the notion at least one of us might actually have that ability but the truth is it was more of a wish than anything else.

I actually had read up on a lot of this type of stuff later on in my teenage years. Here’s a book that’s similar to something I had done research on back in the day. From what I have heard it’s pretty interesting if you actually want to know if you have some type of psychic ability.

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